Older Dog Not Housebroken

August 4th, 2010

You’ve Adopted an Older Shelter Dog But He’s Not Housebroken – Can You Teach Him?

The dog is a very intelligent animal and can learn at any age if you train him with love and patience. You don’t know what kind of life your new pet had before you adopted him. He may have been neglected or abused or just never taught how to behave indoors. Even older shelter dogs can be trained to behave in a certain way so that you can live happily together for a long time. You can teach any dog to do what you want if you do it properly.

If you have adopted an older shelter dog and he hasn’t been housebroken or learned some basic commands, don’t fret, you can still teach him. It isn’t that hard to do and you will both be proud of your accomplishment. You and your new dog can live together happily for a long time with love and patience.

You will teach an older dog the same way you teach a puppy. With patience, love, lots of praise and treats. Do not yell, hit or punish the dog, he is anxious to please you and is doing his best to learn. Dogs are like children and must be shown more than once. With proper training your new pet will learn what is expected from him and how to behave.

A dog will cower and retreat when you use certain tones and actions. Be consistent with your tone of voice and praise; encourage him with your smile and words. Their attention span is short so keep this in mind and don’t have him trying the trick all day.

The first thing when training your dog to do anything new is not to change your verbal expression, tone or volume. Stick to one word commands not full sentences. Use an excited tone in your voice and praise your pet with words and strokes when he does what you ask.

Teaching any dog to come when called is probably the most important command you can teach. This single word could save you thousands in vet bills and save his life. Your dog will stop in the middle of a heated run and return to you if this is taught properly.

Teach him to come with a treat every time. Whatever word you are going to use to get your dog to come to you always, always use a treat when he gets to you. Choose the word you want and do not change it. Start by calling him into a different room with the word and reward him. He will learn that word has a specific response and reward.

Don’t try to teach everything in one day, your dog is like a child and has a short attention span. Practice each new command off and on during the day for about a week before you introduce a new one. This won’t apply to housebreaking or coming when called, only to things like sitting, staying and rolling over. Coming when called should always be done as stated above and with a treat each time.

Once your dog learns a new trick he most likely will not forget it. Just the same, have him perform the command every once in a while and offer a treat, they love to please and get treats anytime.

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